Here is a small selection selection of recent large pieces I 've worked on.

Click on any one to find out more. I am currently working, amongst other things, on various brochures for a division of British Airways. I also regularly write loyalty mailings for Air France's Business customers.
image/_alitalia.jpg, 2.7K

image/_american_express.jpg, 2.8K
American Express

image/_bank_of_swizerland.jpg, 2.7K
Bank of Swizerland

image/_beechams.jpg, 2.8K

image/_books_etc_magazine.jpg, 3.1K
Books Etc Magazine

image/_bt-nortel_networks.jpg, 2.4K
BT/Nortel Networks

image/_hrexpert_brochure.jpg, 1.4K
HRExpert Brochure

image/_management_comsultants.jpg, 2.5K
Management Comsultants

image/_nestle_magazine.jpg, 3.7K
Nestle Magazine

image/_smartphone.jpg, 1.9K

image/_swissair.jpg, 3.1K

image/_video_update.jpg, 3.4K
Video Update